Sunday, November 22, 2009

My cute look

前幾天,跟Tako買了個可愛的帽子髮夾。由于我的髮量太少,無法夾上,所以tako建議我把它改成hair band。終于在星期五晚,被我弄成了。


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Surprise! 驚喜!

Last sun, i met up with Sheerah. I was surprised when she passed a pack of ribbon to me. OMG!! Polka dot ribbons, it's so lovely and beautiful. I like it so much!!!

The ribbons is a gift from Marlene. A big thanks to Marlene! She know i like polka dot ribbons, so she prepared some and asked Sheerah pass it to me.
gift from Marlene, she got her own logo sticker

I like bird!! ;-) Simple and nice (my style...hehe)

the pattern of card, so nice


Lovely polka dot ribbon, so nice rite? :p
total 13 different types of ribbons. ^_^

Marlene, Thanks a lot!!! Muakzzzzzzz~~ ^_^

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pipit 3rd Anniversary

Pipit 3rd Anniversary 終于在上個星期六圓滿結束。還蠻累的~~ 星期六累了一整天,星期日在家休息了一整天。^_^

那天真的是人山人海,擠得水泄不通。而且我們也汗流浹背。:S 讓大家看看這一次又有什么好康頭。這一次錯過的朋友,下一次可要記得到訪哦!

I've lot of funs at pipit market!
Thank you everyone who came to say HIE!!!

I shared booth with joan

Creative display and unique dolls from evangelione's handmade aka tako

Ireen's handmade

Maribrand from Japan, her handmade stuffs is amazing!

beanipet and her friend, Lurving
(i like their store concept, very nice)

aquarius's handmade

Chiwawa sock toys


Picoleizi, another talented gal. I like her handmade also ;)

I'm look pretty with this hair pin? :p

met up with hoyoyi, a slim n tall girl.

me & aquarius... glad to met you! ^_^

may & aquarius

me & june, finally i got my gift from june. ;-)

gift from may

Let's see what i've grab from pipit market

from mei wei

from ireen

from aquarius

View here for more photos. Enjoy~~ ^_^

Monday, November 9, 2009

My bday gifts

再次謝謝大家的禮物。;-) 今年真的是一個豐收年。;-)

1. pant from my colleague, Candy
2. dress from my colleague, siew hong & elsey
3. Hippo~ handmade by millie
4. Camera casing from Joan
5. hp casing~ handmade by ice

6. bag from my colleague~ Lydia 7. bag from my sister~ yiwawa

Besides that, i got birthday cards from Sheerah and ee handmade.

Thanks again for everyone!! ;-)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

又為Pipit Market而忙

又再次為Pipit Market而忙,又是臨時抱佛腳!:p

我的桌子應該是在不久前才收拾整齊,可是不到一個星期,又被我弄得亂七八糟了。唉~ 不曉得什么時候我的桌子才能時時刻刻都保持整齊既干凈。嘻嘻~~





有空的朋友,可以來pipit market 逛逛。For those are free on this coming Sat, can visit Pipit Market at Annexe Gallery. Hope to see you all! ;-)

date : 7th November 2009
venue : Annexe , Central Market KL
time : 1.00pm ~ 8.00pm

feature artist
MARI BRAND ( Tokyo , Japan )

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mango's Game

I saw this giveaway from Ciyou's blog, so have to try my luck! Hope i'm the Winner for this giveaway. hahaaaaaaa

Lovely mini stamps set

For those want to join this giveaway, please visit: Mango's Game

If have been selected as the winner, i would love a pair of hippos and bird cage stamps.
Thanks! ;-)

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