Thursday, March 13, 2014

Loveheart Lip Care System

This is the first time i'm using lip care product. I bought this loveheart lip care 3step_system from an online shop.

Loveheart lip care 3step_system include lip mask 10g, lip gel patch 5ea and lip essence 10g.

1st step: Lip Mask (Exfoliation)
 - hypoallergenic exfoliation, enriched mineral moisturizer, anti-oxidation/ drop dead cell

After wash face, apply some amount on your lips. Rub it for 1-2 mins and wipe off with wet tissue or wet towel.

2nd step: Lip gel patch (Hydrating)
- supply nutrient, supply skin, moisturizing and strengthen skin layer, exfoliation/ anti-oxidant

Take out the gel patch from packaging and apply on your lips, peel off the gel patch after 15~20mins.

3rd step: Essence (Hydration)
- skin protection, gives a pink lip, intensive moisturizing effect

Apply some on lips, lips will turning into pink color after 3-4mins.

"Get yourself a bright, lucid impression with the Brilliant LOVEHEART LIPCARE 3 STEP SYSTEM."

For more details, please check their FB~ "brilliantloveheartcare"

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