Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Stylish Bangle

Elegant Bangles
(Photo shooting & edited by me)

In my dream :p

In the mirror

I kept this one for myself ^_^

For those are interested, please visit here for more details.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lucky Draw

昨天是Mr. Hippo的company dinner。 一如往常,他們都會有幸運抽獎這環節,今年也不例外。沒想到Mr. Hippo和去年一樣,那么幸運,有獎拿。^_^ 去年抽中煤氣爐,可是他不要,跟同事換了一個吹風筒回來,原因是家里沒吹風筒,所以可以用上。(最后,當然是我得利啦!:p)

今年,Mr. Hippo抽到的是一架我從沒看過這牌子的compact camera。雖然不是好東西,可是還可以拍得清楚就行啦!哈哈~~ 這一次得利的又是我。(paiseh~~) 昨天一拿到就趕緊試試,emm..不要嫌棄還可以啦!今早又拿來拍我的pillow,感覺還好,可是照片比較偏黃,所以拍出來有點舊舊的感覺... 用另一個角度看,別有另一種味道~~ :p


Sanyo S6 Xacti (6.0 megapixel, optical 3.0 x zoom)

Samples pics: taken at daytime (indoor)

Samples pics: taken at night (indoor)
希望我倆有個幸運的2010年!^_^ Cheers!!

Lovely Couple

I've ordered a couple of pillows from Beanipet in last year, but i just got it on this Sat. Beanipet got a lot of orders so i have to wait for around 6 months. Her creation is awesome and i love it so much! Let's see my cute pillows. ^_^

Lovely couple~ Tiger & Hippo

This is Mr. hippo

He so enjoy the sunbath after few days overnight at post office.

See his cute ear

Ms Tiger enjoy her sunbath as well~ ^_^

Hey, i got pocket, can put ang paw during CNY. :p


Name on the pillow

my name on the pillow

For those love the pillow, you can visit Beanipet for the details.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


時間: 7.30pm

知道 iKopi這家咖啡館是因為館長,藝婉(月樹)。
謝謝她讓我把我的產品寄放在 iKopi。

那一天,一走進 iKopi,感覺很清靜,迎接我的是藝婉。







你也可以在iKopi找到local handmade


Coffee bean


Joan點的otak- otak 飯,也蠻好吃的哦!

Ice drip coffee + milk

homemade tiramisu made by moontree

yummy homemade yam cake

3 of us--> Joan, Gianni & me


View here for more photos. ^_^

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sharing~ Gifts


Just got this small pouch from Florence Yip
(Thanks a lot for this mystery gift. ^_^)

She stitch my name on the pouch by hand. It's so nice and neat.
(I can't believe she managed to make it. :p)

Yeah!! Can you see the mini hat on my head. It's so lovely!
(Thanks Jun for this cute mini hat!)

A gift from someone :p

Cute coaster from SengSeng
(I din't expected she will post me a gift, thanks a lot!)



Thanks for all the lovely gift and greeting!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Decorated Envie

Have you ever seen this kind of envelope?
Will you buy if it is for sales?

Front side of the envelope

Backside of the envelope

Can you see the lovely details? :p

Couple Hippo

Another decorated envelope

Front (with lace and an address sticker)

The drawing at back side


The bling bling dot

Details of the drawing

How you feel when you received this decorated envelope? ^_^

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Gift from Brasil

I've joined a swap in swap-bot last year but the parcel was lost, so my partner decided to send me the second one. Finally, I got it yesterday. The title for this swap is "Show your country", so we have to send anything which can represent your country. For examples you can send any junk foods, souvenir, 3 in 1 coffee mix, Ipoh white coffee... etc.

Let's see what I got from my partner.

很有巴西味道~ :p
(Brazil feel packing)

Recipe for the package


Handmade earring from my partner, brooch and bracelet

Key chain and magnet

Brazil cappuccino and tea bag

Thanks to my partner for those lovely gifts

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