Tuesday, December 28, 2010

For my friend

Another wedding picture slide show special for my friends.

This is for my friends, boon pin & tammy yeong. Happy wedding to them!!

Wedding Reception Boon Pin & Tammy from agnes1409 on Vimeo.

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Prewedding Picture Slide Show

I've done those slide show by own. It is easy to create with smoe software you can find in the market now.
Slide Show 1

Slide Show 2

Slide Show 3
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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Year End Sales


Please visit my online store
for more details.

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Friday, October 29, 2010

My wedding preparation~ All about DIY



Share with you guys those stuffs I've prepared for my wedding.

A) Wedding CardMy own design wedding card (got 2 designs)

B) Wedding Shoes
I bought this shoes at RM 19.90. I've took some times to decorate this simple shoes but i didn't wear it during the actual day. :p
very simple design

Added some fake crystal to make the "bling bling" effect :p

Added a fabric flower on the top

C) Bridesmaid wrist corsage
Total 10 pcs of wrist corsage for bridesmaid

Nice? ^_^

Can be wrist corsage or hair accessories

D) Ring Pillow
Materials: :Lace, Linen fabric, red ribbon & shell

Like the shell as the decoration

Our Rings

E) Birdcage Decoration- For our main table
Borrow the birdcage from my friend, add some decoration, it's DONE!

Simple n nice ^_^
(Will show you guys the decoration on the actual day when i got the photo from photographer)

Besides that, I need to create wedding slide show by own but luckily it didn't take much times to completed 4 slide shows. A tiring process but sweet memory i have forever!

PS: The DIY fabric corsage is open for order. You can order from me if you want it for your bridesmaid on your actual day. ;-) Email me your order.

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Pre-wedding Photos

之前,一直羡慕别人有那么多的婚纱照。没想到自己也能如愿以偿。;-) 谢谢各位爱摄影的朋友们,爱死你们!;-) Thanks for my friends for the lovely shots and gave me a sweet memory during the shooting section.

Share some of my pre-wedding photos here. I've 4 sections for my pre-wedding shooting, it's abit tiring but quite enjoy. ^_^

Photographer: Terence Wong; Venue: TTDI & Titiwangsa


More photos:

1. Pre-wedding Part 1

2. Pre-wedding Part 2

3. Pre-wedding Part 3

4. Pre-wedding Part 4

5. Pre-wedding Part 5

6. Pre-wedding Part 6

拿到照片後,接著就自己設計photobook。拿到photobook時的感覺是興奮的。;-) I designed my own photobook after got all the photos from photographers. I'm happy with the design and quality of the photobook. Show you guys the most design i like in my photobook :p

Like the blue blue feel (my friends said got summer tea's feel)

Love B&W always! (it's so nice mix red & black together)
my own portrait (thanks photographer for the lovely photos)
So sweet~~

Am i look sweet enough?? :p

You can view the whole album in my FB: ImageWrap Hard Cover 15 inc x 11 inc

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pipit Wonderful Market 5

Dream Land Station will be attending Pipit Wonderful Market 5
Please mark down your calendar:

13 Nov 2010, Saturday
12pm ~ 7pm, Annexe Galery, Central Market (Map)

See you there! ^_^

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Birthday Celebration Part 2

Thanks Mr Hippo for the celebration
Love you!! ^_^

Our dinner on 13.09.2010

Yummy yummy fish

Sizzling Tau fu


Cappuccino cake Mr Hippo bought me another birthday cake.

Enjoy the red wine & cake

Dinner on 14.09.2010

I cook dinner at home during my birthday ;-) I'm quite enjoy cooking. ^_^

Asparagus with prawn

Green curry chicken spaghetti

(I bought green curry sauce from Thailand)

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Hari Raya Gathering & Birthday Celebration

犹记得去年的生日在Pulau Langkawi,和几位好友渡过。今年,朋友们也在聚会时,给我带来了我不认为是惊喜的惊喜(因为事前被我拆穿了):p
Hari Raya, 在朋友的家聚会。相信大家都喜欢在这朋友家相聚,因为我需要自己动手准备食物,只需坐着聊天,享受... 等食物好了,就坐在一起用餐。大家酱享受是因为这位朋友的家里有佣人。;-) 所以那一天的晚餐,全由佣人准备。她准备的食物还好好吃哦!都是我们未曾吃过的味道。;-)
My friends celebrated my birthday during our gathering on Hari Raya at my friend's house. ;-) We are feel relax at her house because of no need to prepare foods by own and only sit & chit-chating while waiting for our dinner. :p Her housemaid prepared dinner for us. Foods are tasty and most of the food we are never tried before.

Yeah! We are so hungry after waiting the dinner for few hours

Fabulous Foods~ prepared by my friend's housemaid and my friend only prepare 1 dish: 卤鸡脚

Girls gang~ Stay pretty & young :p
Group Photos

After dinner, my friends give me a surprise while we are enjoy our red wine. ;-)

My Birthday Celebration
Yeah! Cheese Cake

Girls gang

hehe...Girls gang again

Mr Hippo & me

Miss Janette

Shiau Yen

Yvonne (SNA ^_^) & me

Yummy yummy cheese cake, i like it so much!!!

Thanks for all my lovely friends. I'm so enjoy this gathering and hope we can always have such activity. ^_^

Hey Friends, stay young, health and happy forever!!!

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