Thursday, July 30, 2009

Handcraft Swap~ Successful

Finally, all the participants got their gifts. For those who are posted your items late and din follow the rules, make sure you will follow the rules if you want to join the next swapping.

Once again, thanks for participants to join this swapping. I hope this swap can be continous and more people to join us for next time. The next swap possibly will on SEPT, so please check my blog often for new swap info oh. ;-)

Show some pictures for our gifts swap. There all are so lovely and meaningful. I like the gifts which lemon sent to me. Thanks a lots!!


notepadheart shape beads key chain

Estee--> Cloe
Mini doll house

Cake keychain

Erika--> Joan
Handmade Card

Accessories box made by felt

Joan--> Gianni
Necklace, Earring & purse

Jenny--> Erika
Beads keychain and bracelet

Evelyn--> Sheerah
Notepad & Handmade Card

Lovely handmade card

Sheerah--> Evelyn
Handmade card, i like her card so much!! ^_^

Frame art

女女--> Estee
Key casing and cup mat/ coaster

Gianni--> Jenny
Handmade card


Now is my turn to show u the gifts i got from 半粒檸檬 & the gifts i sents to 女女

Agnes--> 女女
Greeting card, mushroom keychain

Bracelet & earring

半粒檸檬--> Agnes

Handmade box
Cute drawing by 半粒檸檬

Hp casing

我的饅頭,嘻嘻~ special for me, look like me?

got a small flower on my hair, so cute

This is for 半粒檸檬
Thanks...This is so cute and i like it so much!! ^_^

That's all for the 1st swap... Thanks again for all the participants! Muaksssss

Can't wait for the next swap? I will announce about next swap soon. Please visit my blog often or you will miss it! :p

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Special order from friends

These few days busy with some orders from friends. Show few my new products here.

Turquoise Necklace, order from ex- colleague

This is "Underwater World", special design for a course mate. She order from me few weeks ago, but i just finished it by yesterday. ^_^
Only 1 piece and it will not remake because it is custom- made order.

Lovely match with white color pearl & blue zircon swarovski

Black rose earring with kidney ear hook, order from an old customer.
Thanks for her support!

Still got some orders not yet finish, hope i can finish it asap. ;-)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

愛上... Fall in love with....


I'm falling in love...
Photos will tell you a thousand words!

White Rose Ring for myself

White Rose Pendant

White Rose Hair Pin

White Rose Earring

Photo edited: by agnes (using photoshop)


Fall in love with white rose and lomo~~ ^_^

Monday, July 20, 2009

My blue baby

Finally, I got my blue baby. You can call it blue ribbon. ;-)

That's lomo camera. For those don't know what is lomo camera or lomography? Can search from Google. ^_^

Now, show u my blue baby~~
It's cool rite? :p

Super fat lens


Put the film inside

Designed SuperHeadz, Tokyo in Japan

Happy to got it. This ultra wide & slim baby is my new family member now. Can't wait to play with it. It's like a toy, but u cant imagine this plastic toy can have a amazing output, I can't wait for it... Unfortunately, weather in KL recently is too bad, it's not suitable to shoot photo with this baby. I plan to bring it to my hometown and try it. ^_^

Show you some photos taken by this baby. (link copy from kelly's blog, kelly got a white one)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Order from a friend



這是免費給朋友的小賀卡,簡單美麗~ :p
Handmade greeting card

希望自己能做出更多的手作。還得繼續加油、努力。手作的過程是開心的~~ ^_^

Play with Clay

Some orders from customers.

Bear brooch order from a customer for her kids
Hope they like it. ^_^

Dark brown bear necklace

Will keep it first till i got the idea to use them. :p


Tuesday, July 14, 2009


小孩,是我喜歡拍的對象之一。他們的童真、一舉一動都很想把它攝入鏡頭里。有趣的表情、夸張的動作,是大人們的興奮劑。:p 這一次,我又幫我家的小孩拍了一些照片。這一次都是新面孔,也是我第一次幫他們拍照。;-)

Show some photos of my nephews n niece. All are cute and adorable ;-)

堂姐的小女兒~ 宇恩


表弟剛滿月的小兒子~ 賢祖 :p

Click here for more photos

看到小孩們無憂無慮,就好想回到童年~ 想想,自己也有個美好的童年。;-) 沒看過看我童年照的朋友?請點擊這里。:p
You can click here for my lovely chilhood photos. :p



這一次只拍了一些照片... ...

剛摘下的紅毛丹 Sweet sweet rambutan

享受著新鮮的紅毛丹 enjoying~~

剛摘下的紅毛丹,隔夜的話就不好吃了。home plant rambutan

我家的木瓜樹 home plant papaya

家里的后院 backyard of my house

廚房里 in the kitchen

廚房~ 掛滿了廚房用具 Messy Kitchen

被曬的姜 Gingers


neighboor's home plant rambutan tree


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