Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Surprising Email

This evening i received an odd email from a stranger. The mail is really surprising me when i saw the title "CONGRATULATION". After read the content, I doubt about the motive they send me this mail. This is the 1st time i get such email. Show you all the contents of this mail.

I was ambivalence when i saw an attachment in this email. I worried it got virus when i open it. But finally i opened it also. haha~~ cos of my "CURIOUSNESS". I curious about how many person was get this mail and what is their reaction? hehe... :p

Here is the attachment.

It will so nice if this is true. ;-)


  1. 你好大胆,竟然开不认识的人的email。不怕中病毒?

  2. 哈哈... 女人的好奇心是很強的。;-)


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