Thursday, May 7, 2009

新加坡部落格大奖 S'pore Blog Awards


  • EASB 最佳青苹果部落格 / EASB Best Youth Blog

    奖项说明: 供16岁及以下部落格格主参加。This category is for all blogs written by bloggers below 16 years old.

  • 最佳摄影部落格 / Best Photography Blog

    奖项说明: 张贴分享优质摄影作品(专业及非专业)部落格参加。This category is for professional photography blogs.

  • 最佳个人靓照部落格 / Best Modeling Blog

    奖项说明: 部落格里贴满自拍或和朋友一起搞怪、扮美美帅帅的生活照。This category is for blogs with lots of self portraits and modeling photos.

  • 最佳饮食部落格 / Best Food Blog

    奖项说明: 分享饮食照片、资讯和食评的部落格。This category is for blogs featuring food content.

  • 最不可思议部落格 / Best What-The-Hell Blog

    奖项说明: 部落格搜集了世界无奇不有的怪事、令人哗然的听闻。Blogs which focus on the strange, the underground… topics that make you go WTH.

  • 最具深度部落格 / Most Insightful Blog

    奖项说明: 书写、发表分析、探讨、观察等性质的文章,引发更多人文思考。This category is for serious blogs with interesting and revealing insights, analytical reports, dealing with various social issues.

  • 最佳生活资讯部落格 / Best Lifestyle Blog

    奖项说明: 尽收生活中不可或缺的知识、享受人生的资讯。This category is for blogs with strong lifestyle content.

  • 最具娱乐性部落格 / Most Laugh-Out-Loud Blog

    奖项说明: 以部落格为平台,展现令人捧腹大笑的幽默。Blogs with strong humour that cackles up readers.

  • 最佳 e-shop部落格 / Best e-Commerce Blog

    奖项说明: 利用部落格在网上行销的部落格。This category is for blogs which deal with online commercial activities.

  • 最具个人特色部落格 / Best Individual Blog

    奖项说明: 个人无特定主题的部落格,纯粹以发表个人生活杂感为目的。This category is for individualistic blogs with free-wheeling content about daily lives and musings that cannot fit into any categorisation.

  • 最佳海外名人部落格 / Best Overseas Celebrity Blog

    奖项说明: 海外艺人、新闻工作者、作家、运动员等公众人士都可被推荐。This category is for celebrities' blogs written by celebrities in the entertainment and media industry, writers, sportsmen and others, excluding those from Singapore.

  • 最佳本地名人部落格 / Best Local Celebrity Blog

    奖项说明: 新加坡艺人、新闻工作者、作家、运动员等公众人士都可以被推荐。This category is for celebrities' blogs written by Singapore celebrities in the entertainment and media industry, writers, sportsmen and others.


此项比赛的奖项也很吸引。The prizes for this contest is as below:
  • A trophy designed by famous artist, Mr. Tan Swie Hian;
  • S$500 shopping vouchers from Play Smart Pte Ltd;
  • A Phuket hotel accommodation from one of the following hotels, courtesy of Asia Web Direct:
    • Malisa Villa Suites Phuket
    • Sugar Palm Grand, Hillside, Phuket
    • Sugar Palm Karon Resort, Phuket
    • Sugar Palm Resort, Phuket
    • Kata Beach Resort, Phuket
    • Karon Beach Resort, Phuket
  • A Koka's Value-Added Pack (worth $55.00). Contains: All Koka's Flavours:
    • 24 x 85g Packet Noodles
    • 8 x Bowl Noodles
    • 8 x Cup Noodles
    • 8 x Bowl Rice Noodles
    • 2 x Packet (4's x 70g) Rice Noodles
    • 2 x Packet (4's x 85g) Non-Fried Noodles
  • A $200 movie premium hamper from United International Pictures;
  • The top 5 most voted bloggers across the ten main categories will also walk away with a HTC Diamond (worth S$1,098) each


  1. 奖项的名称还够特别呢!

  2. akira,是咯!你也去报名吧!;-)

  3. 我报名个人特色。哈哈..好像没其他的可报了。嘻嘻~~


  4. 真得好多奖项,可是我不知道自己可以报名那一项,哈哈。。。。。

  5. 哇, 还真多项哦。。哈哈

  6. (不知丑)報名了~ 呵呵呵~

  7. 好像都没适合我的

  8. the prize quite attractive...
    hahah... Agnes 报名个人特色, not bad huh!!!!

  9. 利瑞,中英文都可以。:p


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