Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Surprise! 驚喜!

Last sun, i met up with Sheerah. I was surprised when she passed a pack of ribbon to me. OMG!! Polka dot ribbons, it's so lovely and beautiful. I like it so much!!!

The ribbons is a gift from Marlene. A big thanks to Marlene! She know i like polka dot ribbons, so she prepared some and asked Sheerah pass it to me.
gift from Marlene, she got her own logo sticker

I like bird!! ;-) Simple and nice (my style...hehe)

the pattern of card, so nice


Lovely polka dot ribbon, so nice rite? :p
total 13 different types of ribbons. ^_^

Marlene, Thanks a lot!!! Muakzzzzzzz~~ ^_^


Thanks for your time!

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