Saturday, December 12, 2009

Santa Claus is Coming~ Gifts

Hoyoyi posted me some lovely gifts for Christmas Gift Swap. I love all the items she gave me. They are so adorable and cute! ;-) Thanks hoyoyi, a big hug and sweet kiss for you!! :p

Do you know what is that?
she put all gifts inside this long used sock.
she ask me to throw away the sock if i don't want to keep it...
or just use it to clean window. ^_^
(hoyoyi, i never clean my window since i moved in. wakaka)

See the gifts she made with heart
Xmas hat (not sure is handmade or store bought :p)

Cute sling bag
(miss hoyoyi, i quite big sized looks so small on my body. haha)

(i use the right side one in this few days ^_^)

hair pin & hair band (polka dot is my favorite!!)

I think this is for me to put scissor one.
(hoyoyi, am i right?? :p)

Now waiting for my second swap! yeah~~ happy happy~~
Happy Weekend!!


  1. So good, always play gift swap game :D I think the last item suit u very much ^^

  2. hehe... Agnes, that socks i sew from an old Pink Top :p
    The Christmas Hat is a beli
    If the sling bag is too small, u can take away the shoulder, use it as a small clutch or whatsoever... ^ ^
    Yar the last one is for you to put your scissors.

  3. uLi, y last item suit me very much? :p

  4. hoyoyi...hehe...Thanks a lot for your lovely gifts. U are so talented. :p

  5. hey, i got exactly the same red santa head also :P

  6. 都是 hand-made 的,

  7. Chris, yaya..u want to exchange with me? hehe

    ashley, yaya...都是handmade的。;-)


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