Saturday, January 2, 2010

Lucky Bag

First day of 2010, i've been Isetan, KLCC with Joan. She told me can get a lucky bag and it is limited. I thought it is free at first but actually we have to pay for the lucky bag. The value inside the lucky bag is more than what you paid. Finally, I've paid RM100 for this lucky bag. Let's see the items in this lucky bag.

The red lucky bag

ELLE handbag

GUESS small pouch

Some facial product


Stocking & LAB Series Multi-action face wash

Few footwear vouchers
(I don't think i will use these voucher. ^_^ anybody want it?)

I spent a lot in 1st day of 2010. :S
Wish me lucky in whole year 2010. :p


  1. i've used the bag.... not bad

  2. 那麼好康。早知道我也來敗一個回家啦。哭~

  3. Went to Mid Valley World of Fend Shui. Saw a short video of Lilian Too. She said... "No matter is a good month(earn money) or bad month (lost money)" get something for yourself then it should be something good... :) (Although I didn't know how true it is, but I bet everyone love to hear that) :"D

    Since you already get what you like, then it should be a good year for you as well. ;)

    Cheers! and a great 2010 for ya.

  4. Wah...not bad wor...u get all branded bags :D

  5. CH, thanks a lot for your sharing. Cheers!! ;-)

    uLi, almost all the lucky are same. ;-)

  6. Hi.. I spend nearly RM1000 for the first day of 2010. Bought my self a camera flash + Lunch + dinner
    Wish me luck too..haha.
    Any other way to get the lucky bag again??

    Happy New Year!

  7. PeckWm, wow...RM1K only for 1 day oh? Nvm...u sure will have BIG EARN in 2010. :p The lucky bag only on 1st Jan. Wait for next year la...:p

    Happy New Year!!

  8. 同樣是明信片收集者!:)

  9. kanopi..hehe...我好像還蠻喜歡收很多東西耶!!:p

  10. zzhen, hehe...wait for next year lo...:p


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