Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Greeting from Australia

A lovely greeting from Susien
Susien, i got your postcard! Thanks you very much!!
I like the PC cos it's hard to find this type of PC in Malaysia.
Normally what I've found is scenery postcard, a bit boring already. :p

Hard to get this kind of PC in Malaysia

back side of the PC

I like the stamp as well ;-)


  1. nice postcard! Lucky you... :p I've not get a postcard in this 7yrs of my sis in Adelaide... :p haha...she will kill me when she see this.. :p but she did send me birthday card :)

  2. Australia is so beautiful. I once dreamed of that place...

  3. haha..jie..i will send you a pc too but i dont even remember the house add in kl.

  4. Agree with u... Msia's postcards very lousy...

  5. Suyen, haha...tat meant i'm a very lucky gal lo. hehe

    Taylor, i wish i can visit Aust 1 day. :p

    Susien,faster take action le...hehe

    Cheddarina, you can find nice one but more expensive. I think is around rm5 per pc. I will print some PC for sales soon..hehe

  6. everyone, i must agree that aus has more variety and nicer pc compare to msia. let me know if u would like to receive beautiful pc like agnes did. hehehe.

    anyone who likes to visit australia, can look for me oh. im in adelaide :)

    Agnes, u design the pc? looking forward to it!

  7. Susien, yaya..plan to use my photography to print it as postcard. hehe

  8. A very nice postcard... it gives me a feel that I will need to wear the 3D glass and the cyclist will pop up from the glass. Anyway it cards looks very nice. :)

  9. CH, hehe... you like to collect postcard too?


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