Saturday, May 8, 2010

Preparation for MISSION 1 (Part 2)

Some preparations again for my MISSION 1.
Can guess what is my MISSION 1 through the pics i posted here? :p


My MISSION 1 is falling on Mother's Day! ;-)
I will keep it secret till all my MISSIONS are DONE!

Mr. Hippo help to paint photo frame in white color

Some text cutting

I love this so much, never use it

Bought this hat online at rm26 (included shipping fee),
but i saw it at Mr.DIY shop 2 weeks ago, it only RM 5.90.

Plan to add an organza flower on the hat and it looks more feminine

That's all for my preparation for MISSION 1.
Can't wait for tomorrow and wish me all the best and good luck!!


  1. ^ . ^ all the best~*
    o n do leave comment at my blog again! I read what you wrote but when i click approve all my comments all went missing.. so now all comments gone.... @ . @

  2. OK, will leave my comment again. ;-)
    uLi, thanks! ;-)

  3. It's sunday jor!! I'm waiting XD

  4. prewedding photo? cant wait to see~~


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