Monday, June 7, 2010

KAKA Art Market 卡卡創意市集

KAKA Art Market is 1st time at Shawn Parade, KL on last Sat & Sun. I didn't take part in this market but i visited this market with Joan & Luna on last Sun. The space is quite small so it is not convenient for the visitors and the booth's owner as well. Hope the organizer will improve this for the coming market.

I saw some new creations & cool stuffs in this market. For those like handmade & creative stuffs, u can wait for their next market. Besides KAKA Art Market, there got another 2 events: Art for Grab on this coming weekend, and PIPIT Bazaar (not sure the date yet for the coming bazaar). I will visit Art for Grab on this Sat, so you can go with your friend or family as well. Don't miss it again! You will get a lot of surprises there!

Some pictures i taken at KAKA Art Market.

"死人頭"by minifanfan

A cute girl~ Minifanfan & her creative art work

Cool brooches

Colorful zip brooches

Booth's owner: Dickson Chai

Handmade soap from

Lavender flavor soap

Cutting the soap

Lukka~ Selling handmade purse, notepad...

Handmade soft toys

Nice hair band & some jewelries

Photos for sale

Wonder Kitten (I bought a t-shirt from them)

Click here for more photos.

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  1. All de nice and cute thingy can be found here :)

  2. Hi... are the soap good selling?

  3. uLi, yaya..i spent money again!! :S
    Lisa, I'm not sure. But i think got lot of ppl buy from them. ;-)

  4. 都是DIY专家的圣地。;)漂亮的货品真的是美不胜收。;)

  5. CH, yaya...我喜歡的聖地!!:p

  6. ya, the soaps were selling pretty good. Thanks for all the kind support. We hope everyone who bought our soap enjoying bathing with them. :)

    Chelsey & Peggy

  7. 你们那里好多这类型的展览哦~~好羡慕~~~什么时候你们也来槟城啦~~ XD

  8. 家梅,去檳城哦?太遠了啦!:P

  9. many cute stuff...really creative!

  10. I wonder if people would post so many comments if you are not a girl... Or a lovely pic, for that matter...


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