Friday, October 29, 2010

My wedding preparation~ All about DIY



Share with you guys those stuffs I've prepared for my wedding.

A) Wedding CardMy own design wedding card (got 2 designs)

B) Wedding Shoes
I bought this shoes at RM 19.90. I've took some times to decorate this simple shoes but i didn't wear it during the actual day. :p
very simple design

Added some fake crystal to make the "bling bling" effect :p

Added a fabric flower on the top

C) Bridesmaid wrist corsage
Total 10 pcs of wrist corsage for bridesmaid

Nice? ^_^

Can be wrist corsage or hair accessories

D) Ring Pillow
Materials: :Lace, Linen fabric, red ribbon & shell

Like the shell as the decoration

Our Rings

E) Birdcage Decoration- For our main table
Borrow the birdcage from my friend, add some decoration, it's DONE!

Simple n nice ^_^
(Will show you guys the decoration on the actual day when i got the photo from photographer)

Besides that, I need to create wedding slide show by own but luckily it didn't take much times to completed 4 slide shows. A tiring process but sweet memory i have forever!

PS: The DIY fabric corsage is open for order. You can order from me if you want it for your bridesmaid on your actual day. ;-) Email me your order.

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  1. wow.....u r so talent in nice...and congratulations on ur big day orh.......

  2. I like the way you design all your wedding stuff. The heels turn out very nice.

  3. Thanks ksteeng! ;-)

    Mummy Moon, thanks for the visit! ^_^ But i din wear this shoes on my actual day. Now it just keep at somewhere else :p

  4. Wow, the DIY looks great!! I love flowery accessories!! So girly~

    Anyway, happy wedding!! XD

  5. Very lovely DIY. You WELL done on it. and belated Congrates to u promoted to Mrs!!!^_^

  6. hi busy bee, thanks for your visiting! :p

  7. Everything looks great. I just realized I miss a lot of your post as well. (So sorry...) so is time for me to revisited back again. :") Love your DIY stuffs. Bet you have put in a lot of efforts in it. Everything looks great as well. My best wishes to you Agnes for your wedding! CHEERS!!!

  8. hehe...u din miss many posts. Cos i seldom update due to busy with my wedding. :p

    Thanks for your greeting! ;-) CHEERS! :p

  9. Thanks Super Orange, visit me often oh! :p

  10. agnes, you are really great in DIY.
    I like the Bridesmaid wrist corsage.. is simple and nice....

  11. agnes, you are really great in DIY.
    I like the Bridesmaid wrist corsage.. is simple and nice....

  12. 藍藍,thanks! ;-) my bridesmaid like the wrist corsage too. ;-)

  13. This is such an awesome design.This truly might be the most fantastic thing I've seen in a LONG time! Love it!


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