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Shoot a movie of 144 frames on any
35mm film 可在任一 35 mm中拍下 144 格畫面
你可以 LomoKino 使用任何 35 膠捲,不管是彩色負片、黑白片、反轉片或是正片,只要輕輕轉動軸桿,創造出 144 格畫面。首批數量有限,千萬別遲疑,馬上選購 Lomokino!

With the LomoKino, you can create experimental movies of 144 frames on any 35mm analogue film. Load it with regular color negative, black and white andeven redscale or slide films - Then simply wind the advancing crank to shoot! With only limited launch stock available, don’t delay, get your LomoKino today!

爆米花準備好了嗎?先觀賞一些 LomoKino 影片吧!

Popcorn ready? Watch some LomoKino movies
LomoKino 使用方法簡單,做到的效果卻非文字能描述!就把那些規條忘掉,你的寶貴時間該用在迷人的 Analogue 電影裡頭!

The LomoKino is simple to use and packed full with fun features to experiment with; so forget the rules because it’s time to shoot fantastic movies, analogue style!
Lomokino Features
Use all kinds of 35mm film

使用任何一種 35mm 底片 – 你可選彩色負片彩色正片黑白底片

Make Color Negative moviesX-Processed moviesRedscale movies and Black and White movies!

Focus In A Flash

快速對焦 – 在無限遠與 0.6 公尺間輕易的對焦,而按下近拍鈕,便可以馬上拍攝 1m – 0.6m 之間的近物。

Easily focus anywhere between 0.6m and Infinity (just press the close-up button for movies between 1m and 0.6m)

Set Your Aperture

設定光圈 - f/5.6 至 f/11 光圈設定 - 無論何時何地,拍攝時只要輕鬆的滑動光圈調整裝置

Continuous aperture settings from f/5.6 to f/11 Smoothly adjust the aperture at any time whilst shooting

Grab a Tripod

使用三腳架 – 用三腳架附助,拍攝一些穩定的影像吧!

Use the tripod thread and get ready for some steady movie action!

Light up your movie

照亮你的電影 – 你可以為 Lomokino 加裝熱靴閃燈,可以讓你的電影效果更完美!

Attach your favourite flashes to the LomoKino hot-shoe mount – Perfect for stop motionexperimentation!

Shoot Away!

快速拍攝 – 可在一秒內拍攝 3-5 格影像,只要快速轉動搖桿就可!

Shoot approximately 3-5 frames per second Just turn the advancing lever to make your movie!
Check Your Movie Progress

檢查你的拍攝進度 - LomoKino 機身體側邊以 “容量” 顯示底片存量,當紅色的區域佔滿整個框,表示底片已經拍完了!

Use the LomoKino’s volume display to check how much film you have left – When the red flag on top of the camera pops up, the shows over folks!
Lomokino Features
獨家的 LomoKino & LomoKinoScope Box Package, LomoKinoScope 讓你可以使用 analogue 的方式先觀看你創造出的影片效果!只要裝入你所拍攝的膠卷於 LomoKinoScope,轉動搖桿,你所製作的影片將以不能更 Analog 的方式向你呈現! LomoKino & LomoKinoScope Box Package 內容包含:

Exclusively available in the LomoKino &LomoKinoScope Package, the LomoKinoScope viewer allows you to watch your developed movies in a purely analogue way! Just load your movie rolls into the LomoKinoScope, rotate the viewing lever and watch your LomoKino movie unfold before your eyes! The LomoKino & LomoKinoScope Package contains:
A LomoKino Camera

For shooting breathtaking movies

A LomoKinoScope Viewer

以 analogue 的方式觀看你創作的電影
For watching your developed cinematic masterpieces

A Film Container

膠卷放置箱,安全放置你的 LomoKino 電影膠卷For storing your developed LomoKino movie roll
X-Pro / Play VideoRedscale / Play Video
Black & White / Play VideoColor Negative / Play Video
Lomography Gallery Stores 慶祝 LomoKino 的來臨!看看 你附近的
LomoKino 派對,加入我們吧!
我們將慶祝 LomoKino 這特別的成員加入
Lomography 大家庭,並在世界各地的 Lomography
Gallery Stores
 慶祝 LomoKino 的來臨!看看
你附近的 LomoKino 派對, 加入我們吧!

We’ll be celebrating the launch of the LomoKino
with some truly spectacular parties at Lomography
Gallery Stores
 worldwide – Find out where the
LomoKino parties are happening
 and join us for a
first glimpse of the camera!

Wow~~ really cool new gadget!! Faster go and grab one!! ;-)
*Info taken from lomography*

Check out more about the camera here:

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