Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Lovely Dad

Me & my cute dad (we are look alike?)

Today is my father's birthday. We have top up RM100 to him as his requested. haha... He asked us top up his hp credit as his birthday gift. So we just follow his wish. :p

Secondly, i have ordered a custom made MUG for him. The gift will be reach today but i'm not sure what time my dad will get it. Anyway, this is the 1st time i send my father a custom made gift. I'm quite curious about his expression once he get the gift.

Show you all the mug design here. I can only show the actual gift once i see the item when i go back to hometown on this sat. ;-) I will also tell you all more about the custom made gift items i have been ordered recently.


  1. nice header~ i love it!
    and happy birthday to Uncle~

  2. 我也祝伯父生日快乐咯!我相信他一定会很感动的,因为是你特别设计给他的。你的设计不错喔!

  3. ksteeng, 谢谢你。遗憾的是courier 那边不能在今天送到,要等到明天。气死我了!!

  4. happy belated birthday to your dad ya!! :)


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