Thursday, December 11, 2008

Escape to Langkawi Island

I just came back from Langkawi on Monday. 3 days 2 nights trip @t Langkawi actually was not enough to go around the whole island. We managed to visit cabel car at the 1st day and go for cruisine package in the second day.

We stayed in Holiday Villa, it is 4 stars hotel. Environment there is quite ok and it is near to the airport. I din took much photo for this trip cos it is rainning everyday so is not the best time for shooting.

1st day we were visited Oriental Village and queue up around 1hrs for the cabel car. We booked an Island Cruises package on the second day. Unfortunately, there was rainning non stop at that day. It will be more interesting if it is a sunny day. Let show u all the pictures i have taken. Pictures say a thousand words. ;-)

Breakfast @t MD before depart

Decoration of the Hotel Holiday Villa

Langkawi Yatch Club
(Situated on the south-east corner of Langkawi island close to the island's main town)

Seven Wells/ Telaga Tujuh
(Located in the north-western corner of Pulau Langkawi, Telaga Tujuh (Seven Wells) is a geological marvel. he waterfall is so named because its cascading waters is broken by a series of seven natural pools.)

Eagle Square
(Situated near the Kuah jetty, the main attraction of the square is the magnificent statue of the reddish brown eagle majestically poised for flight.)

Cabel Car
(located inside the Oriental Village, the clear bubble shaped cable car takes the 2.2km ride up the mountainside on a 42 degree incline. Starting from about sea level, the Cable Car rises from about sea level to an altitude of over 700 metres.)

Island Cruises

Beach @t Hotel Holiday Villa

Dinner @t the 2nd d@y
(Expensive but the food so so only)

After show some nice nice photos here, i'm going to show our funny photos also. ;-)

Which one is me?

heavy rainning (像不像難民?).... haha

Ok, thats all for my langkawi trip. Enjoy!!

* I will post what i have bought at Langkawi in next article. I have spend rm300+ for this trip. ;-)


  1. 我明年 2 月也和家人去 Langkawi 哦!

  2. 沒下雨一定會很好玩。我好久沒和家人出游了。要找個機會。

  3. 我几怕那艘船沉掉哦!哈哈

  4. 哈哈... 我們都不怕,你怕什么?:p

  5. 那个Langkawi Yatch Club好爱琴海的feel....我终于有时间留言了。

  6. 呵呵~~大忙人。可能藍色的關系吧


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