Tuesday, December 2, 2008

~Handmade day~ ;-)

I met up with joan last sun after my clay class. My class was finished at 430pm and joan pick up me at Bandar Tasik Selantan Lrt Station. This is 3rd time we met up. We plan to make something together for this gathering. Finally, we have carve few stamps and i success to made 2 pairs of earrings at Joan's house.

So happy with this gathering cos came out some handmade stuff, especially the earring i made. I quite like the earrings. Joan teach me how to make the headpin look nice and finally i managed to make it by own. I'm so excited!! I left around 1030pm and quite tired after reached home cos my clay class start at 10am till 430pm, after that went to joan's house untill 1030pm. Another busy weekend for me but quite satisfied with the stuffs i made for these 2 days. ;-)

Show time...
Joan so concentrated on her work. hehe

We refered to Haru's stamp book. I like this book but this is belong to Joan

Try the stamp after tat

Joan bought this stamp from Gianni

Fianally, joan have carved 3 stamps

My stamps(I choosed the simple pic to carve, hehe)

1st earring

2nd earring (I quite like this design, Joan like it too!!)

This is my 1st time for carving and make the earrings. How about my handmade stuff?hehe... I will post another handmade earring and necklace soon.

I want to thanks Joan for her kindness and her dinner. She cook mee for me, quite yummy!! ;-) Thanks oh, Miss JOAN!!


  1. hmm.... you can do earring and necklace? cool~ i never know that~hahah~

  2. haha..i can make a lot of stuff, sure u dunnno. 這叫深藏不露嘛!哈哈

  3. my stamp look so dirty leh.... go back and clean it... haha

  4. Lol, good try ! Keep going :)
    Good job on those lovely crafts :)

  5. cindy, thanks oh!! u too, gambateh!!

  6. 這真的是很好的聚會啊,可以互相教導&分享手作的巧門。你做的作品很漂亮,真的是名師出高徒啊。

  7. 鳴鳴鳴~~~就快要失業啦~~~呵呵

  8. jeslyn,是啊!雖然只有我們兩個,可是還蠻好玩的。而且和Joan也還算蠻投緣的。嘻嘻~Joan還說以後我們可以相約幾個人一起gathering,各自分享大家的手作。 ;-)


  9. I love your earrings and you did a great job on the stamps. I am going to try that some time - after Christmas.

  10. hehe...thanks!! ya u can try too. ;-)

  11. good good good. nice try on handcarve stamps. they are fun

  12. ciyou, yaya. Quite fun but me just know simple one only. haha


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