Friday, September 4, 2009

Partner for "Christmas-Gift-Swap"

I know everyone can't wait to know their partners for this swap. I know everyone is so too!! ^_^ I'm so happy that so many people are interested for this swap and thanks for your all supports!!

I took some time for the draw because 26 persons joined for this time. It's amazing!! ;-)

Tadaa... here is your partners.

1. Kelly- Erika, Aquarius

2. Lemom- Steve Wong, meiweihuang

3. 淡淡tampin girl- Kii, Angelina(caca)

4. shuying- Pussycat, Jeslyn

5. Ice- tampin girl, Joan

6. Joan- Angelina (caca), Steve Wong

7. Agnes Sim- dearbear, Erika

8. Jeslyn- Sheerah, Ciyou

9. Ciyou-Agnes Sim, Purple_Happiness

10. Angelina (caca)- Ciyou, Lemon

11. Suyen- Lemon, Kii

12. Erika- ee, Doreen

13. Purple_Hapiness (Shannon)- Jainamun(Pek Mun), Sheerah

14. Pussycat- EngEngClay, dearbear

15. meiweihuang- Luna, Jainamun(Pek Mun)

16. Doreen- Marlene, EngEngClay

17. marlene- Hoyoyi, Luna

18. Jainamun (Pek Mun)- Aquarius, tampin girl

19. Steve Wong- Ice, Suyen

20. Luna- meiweihuang, shuying

21. Sheerah- Purple_Happiness, Hoyoyi

22. EngEngClay- shuying, Ice

23. Aquarius- Doreen, ee

24. Hoyoyi- Jeslyn, Agnes Sim

25. ee- Suyen, Pussycat

26. dearbear- Joan, Marlene

* For all the participants, please email your shipping name, address and hp no to my mailbox:

Thanks and Happy SWAPPING!!


  1. ahaha.... i send to Steve Wong... i bought material from him, make something, then gv back to him... good circle

  2. ha! i send to meiwei, then she send me cute~

  3. joan..wakaka...thn u ask him to wear ur accessories n take photo to show us. hahaaaaaaa

    Luna, 2 pairs is like tat one. hahaaa

  4. cos i use draw is depend on god! wakaka

  5. wow~~so fast i have my partner d~~~2 new fren to meet~~yeah~~~

  6. wuaaaaAAAAA wuaaaaAAA *crying*
    what happen?? sooo FAST got swapping partner orely??!

    agnes.. as i said, page error and i can't leave any msg to you this morning...@_@ not my day

    ok gals & guy.. have FUN swapping!

    P/S to Agnes :
    faster plan for CNY swapping!!!!LOL~~

  7. ALLkinds, aiyo..y u so slow one. hehe...CNY swapping oh? wat to swap ar? kekeke...see 1st lo. :p want to swap someting interesting le...

  8. 为什么我的两个都是同一个人?

  9. agnes久等囉!!

  10. next time i also wanna to take part ~~~~ agnes next time remember inform me oh !


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