Sunday, July 18, 2010

C+C Creative Bazaar @t Time Square

C+C Creative Market is a new bazaar organized by Persatuan Kebajikan Shan Xin Negeri Sembilan.

What is C+C? This is a new word that about to lead the trend of the new words.

C+C starts a new creative platform for Malaysian youths to have a truly creative space, display and share your creative ideas and design.

C+C = Creative walk with Charity

I dint join this bazaar but i been there as a visitor. ;-) A lot of new friends i met there, it is fun and enjoy even the weather is quite hot!

Enjoy the pictures here. ^_^

Creative booth and stuffs

Pretty gal

Nice brooch

I saw Mrs. Hyppo ^_^

Cute customer

DIY section by Florence & Slovec Handcraft

Stocking toys by Slovec Handcraft

Cute rabbit by Florece

Craft Craft handmade

Nice drawing

Handmade soap by Bubble land
Big gadget from Bremen

Visit here for more pictures. ;-)

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  1. Wow! Realy hope that I can go there...sure I can get many things from there...

  2. bee, yaya...a lot of nice things u can get there. ;-)

  3. Wooo a lot of cool DIY stuff...and all are very nice in deed. :"D

  4. CH, yaya... all are cool n creative DIY stuffs. ;-)

  5. Hi Agnes, many thanks for linking my site. you really have a nice blog here ^^


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