Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Opportunity to WIN RM 250,000??

I got this by yesterday. I'm still don't know how it works... :p Why they will post to me since i never subscribe any magazine from them.

Opportunity to win RM 250,000??

Anyone got this notification too??

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  1. Bet this is from reader digest. It is like a trick that they get your subscribe to their magazine. (I am not sure about yours) but I got this quite often at my home @ Alor Setar.

  2. My bro got alot of this kind of "contest" from them....errr.....but never win also :P

  3. CH, i never subscribe their mag. I'm quite curious y they can get my house add, summore is my new place add. :p

    uLi, i search from their website, last time memang got ppl win the prize.

  4. me sarawak here got it oso...
    juz few days ago...
    what i think is "is it real?"

  5. Hi Agnes,
    Just my opnion - for security reasons, maybe it's better for you to censor your home address on the first picture. Stay safe!

  6. anonymous, u r rite!! I forgot to do tat. Thanks for remind me.

  7. Your credit card company as they maybe hold this campaign together with Reader Digxst. I got this many times & never win any price cos I'm not lucky.

  8. Chin Seng, thn i wish i'm the lucky person. :p But there got mention ask me reply the notification...btw how to reply ar?

  9. i oso got this few days ago.. so can this really be trusted or they just wanted us to subscribe so they can earn money? they even post the winner on youtube n stuff for 2009...
    So its stated 2% of malaysia population are only qualified.. o.0 true or untrue? n out of the 2% there are ppl who ignore to reply...

    So Chin seng cant believe u dint even won as u have said u enter many times... what are the odds

    @agnes, if i understand the way to reply.. there is an small envelope they give you, put in all the cheques n with the fake car key. after that there is a sheet of paper with a rectangular sticker the 2%qualified for advancement and stick it on the envelope which have printed box..
    detach the payment form from the envelope, tick the visa or master o wateva... and that u have agreed to pay $$$ for 1 year subscription.. bla bla bla
    put it together with the cheques and send it.... (this is what i tink frm the instructions given)

  10. Hi, Alex..yaya i got the envelope too..but at the end i din join the contest.

  11. Well i have been thinking whether to enter or not.. my Good friend tell me not to believe it. so at last i also did not enter =P... i have also been researching on it on some websites, i mostly read ppl said they never win anyting, and some are existing customers for so long and yet they never win.

    lets just wait for 2010 winners to be announce.. haha n see if this contest is really true..

  12. I got that at least twice a year. Just a trick to make you subscribe to their magazines. I don't even bother what they wrote inside the letter... hhaha

  13. Carrie, ok. I din join the contest at the end. ;-)

  14. they send this to me on and off all the time, never believe it.. lol..


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