Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pipit Wonderful Market 6 玩得福设计日

Yeah!! Pipit Wonderful Market is over and i'm start missing the moment and those friends we seldom meet up.
Thanks everyone who drop by my booth & support me!
A happenning & awesome event and i cant wait for the next PIPIT. ;-)
Let's see how awesome the event is... ^_^

Adorable dolls from Evangeline's Handmade

Unique fabric indoor shoes from Hoyoyi

Creative stamps from Niji * Hanko (Gianni)

Cute sock toys from Chiwawa Family (Celine)

Little thingy from Lazybone

 Some fabric items

Wall decor by me ;-)  Dream Land Station & Joan's Beads House

Bracelets from me ;-)

Nice display by Lulla Belle

Lovely drawing by Minifanfan


Want to view more pictures?? Click the HERE. ;-)
Thanks for viewing!

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