Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Lucky Month

I can say taht Sept is my lucky birthday month. ;-) This post is going to tell you why i'm said that.

1st surprise (07092011):
I got a snail mail from Google yesterday and surprised to saw the RM 200 voucher inside the envelope. What voucher is that actually? Yeah~~ that is google adwords voucher worth RM200!!! This is the second voucher i've received from Google. The 1st voucher I've received is in April 2010 and it is already 1+ year ago.

I'm quite surprising when I got it yesterday. I never think that it will send me the voucher for second time. :p
 RM 200 voucher for google adwords

Maybe some of you will ask:"what is google adwords?" OK, just will do a simple explanation here, for more details, you can google it! ;-)

"Google AdWords is an Online Advertising & Pay Per Click Marketing. It allow you to promote your website with online ads on Google. This can help to improve your marketing strategy and branding with cost-effective, targeted online advertising."

I think this is a simple explanation for understanding. I need to study further & details to increase the visiting of my online shop because of the 1st result is not good!

2nd Surprise (08092011):
I got an email this morning from Nuffnang with the title "Happy Birthday from Nuffnang and TGV Cinemas!" OMG, i can get 4 free complimentary passess for any movie at TGV!!! I'm too happy when i saw this.
Mail from Nuffnang! This mail is brighten my day! ;-)

I've tell my hubby about this good news and asked him help me to redeem the passes for me. When i gave him the address, he told me that nuffnang office is at 2 level above his office. OMG, how coincidentally it is!!

Yeah! I got the complimentary passes by today!! 

"Thanks Nuffnang & TGV give me this surprise!! ;-)"

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  1. Happy Birthday Agnes!

    You must be feeling excited and overjoyed on your big day! Remember to enjoy yourself to the fullest!


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