Thursday, December 1, 2011

A suitcase A Dream 《一个皮箱。一个梦想》

大家是否觉得好奇,这到底是什么玩意儿?? XD

A suitcase A dream 《一个皮箱。一个梦想》
A suitcase A Dream 《一个皮箱。一个梦想》想做的就是以聚会为前提,再用小小的皮箱,发扬大家的手做梦想。简单来讲就是边聚会,边摆卖我们的手做。摆卖的位子就是那个皮箱的大小。


来吧大家。。。请你们来把我们的皮箱打开,让我们的梦想飞翔 !

We are a bunch of people who has a little dream in our little suitcase, and we can't keep it to ourselves, we want to share it out! come dream on with us, come see what's inside our suitcase, come join us for this coming 17th December at Poco Zakka & kitchen( Sunway Giza Mall), a small gathering + craft market + foods (yeah we love foods too!) with handmade friends. we will each bring a little suitcase, stuffed with some of our handmade stuffs, eats and play and sell a little of our creations, everyone is welcome to join us! but we will bring a little number of handmade only, hope you don't mind!

第二次的聚会将在Poco Zakka & Kitchen, Sunway Giza Mall. 一群热爱的手作达人,将用小小的皮箱,装满各自的梦想... 诚邀大家踊跃出席!!记得我们的约定哦!!12月17日,期待你们的到来!!XD

这一次的成员有 Suitcases member :-

(1) Hoyoyi handmade - Hoyoyi
(2) Chiwawa Family - Celine
(3) Joan's beads House- Joan
(4) Bear dot com - Kim Goh
(5) Artchala handmade - Artchala
(6) Wonderkitten - Lois
(7) Minifanfan handmade - Minifanfan
(8) Evangelione's Handmade - Tako
(9) LazyBone Handmade - Sam
(10) MaymayShop - Meiwei
(11) Dream Land Station- Agnes

为了答谢大家的一直以来的支持,特此为大家准备了"A Suitcase A Dream Give Away" 想要参加的朋友,请参考以下资料。

A Suitcase A Dream Give Away
Few simple steps stand you a chance to win the fabulous gift from our sponsors below:-

1.Joan’s Beads House – Mystery Gift
2.Dream Land Station – Mystery Gift
3.Mylin Handmade – Mystery Gift
4.May May Shop – RM 50 shopping voucher X 2 prizes
5.BLueZcrazy . hanD+made – Mystery Gift
6.Bear dot com – Mystery Gift
7.Minifanfan Handmade – Notebook
8.LazyBone Handmade – Mystery Gift
9.Chiwawa – Mystery Gift X 2 prizes
10.Wonderkitten – Mystery Gift
11.Pipit – Little Pipit
12.Hoyoyi – Mystery Gift
13.Artchala handmade – Mystery Gift


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