Monday, December 26, 2011

Xmas Celebration 2011

Xmas 2011 is past and is end of year 2011. How you celebrate your Christmas this year? I'm going to show you all how is my Christmas celebration for this year. ;-)

Company Xmas Dinner
Date: 23th Dec 2011
Venue: Brotzeit, Midvalley
1st time been Brotzeit, Midvalley 

My drink 


Another salad we ordered

Pizza, delicious! 

Onion Soup (* I don't like*)

Christmas set (shared with 9 pax)

I like the sausages

 I'm not sure what is this but i think is made by potatoes

French fried 

Pork Ribs

Some of us LOVE beer

Gift exchanges, i got this from my colleague
Cute Coca Cola lip smacker, got 3 flavours

Christmas Eve vs 4th aunty birthday celebration
Date: 24th Dec 2011
Venue: Klang
Kids also busy with preparation ^^

Get ready! 

Foods for BBQ

 Gifts for exchanges!

Busy with BBQ, nice chicken wing & prawn

Cam-whoring section ;-)

Gift exchanges
I got body shop shower gel from my cousin. Uncle Raymond got a speaker from me. ;-)

The last part is my aunty's birthday celebration
Birthday cake from cousin 

Uncle & aunty, sweet couple

Blew the candles~~


That's all for my Christmas Celebration 2011. You can share your celebration in this post. ;-) Click HERE for more photos.

HAPPY NEW YEAR & all the best!!


  1. WOWW, stunning photographs! :D are you a photographer by profession?!? the food is making me SUPER DUPER hungry :o

  2., thanks for visit my blog. I'm not a professional photog. I like photography, thats all ;-) and thanks for like my photos as well. ^^ Hope to see u again!


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