Monday, September 13, 2010

Goodies I bought from Bangkok

Now it's the turn to post those things i bought from Bangkok. Really wish that i can go Bangkok every year just for shopping. ^_^ I spend around RM1K for this trip. Dare not to buy too much cos worried will over spend. :p

Handbag, purse

Lovely Fabric

T-shirt (Some are for my brothers)

Dresses & pants (dress is for my sisters)

Hyppo brand sandals (2 are for my dad) ^_^ I like this brand of sandal. Comfortable to wear

Buttons, earrings, necklaces

bracelet & anklets

This is mine, nice bangle.

Hair band and hair tie (these are really cheap)

Cute postcard (I found a cute tiger postcard)

Cute “晴天娃娃”wind bells (1 is for hyppo)

Cute teapot set

Snacks, tomyam instant mee, squid... :p

Shop shop shop & buy buy buy... Shopping can make me happy happy.. :p Wish to shop more & buy more. ;-)

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  1. Wah... u really get a lot of goodies there. :"D all also sui sui. I love their t-shirt the most. :"D (but thier T-shirt size is slightly small even though it is in L size) :")

  2. haha.. a lot meh??? feel like little bit only le. :p

    The size still ok. It wont be too small. I tot the size there is quite small for me before i been there but it is not truth when i reach there. Some are quite OK wo...:p (I'm quite big size actually) haha...

  3. OMG!!!! bot a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so siok la!! i wna go Bangkok! hahhaa =p


    或是lovely lane(忘了怎么spell)也有,但是是真花瓣,软的,二十多元。

  4. Wow! You really happy shopping at BKK trip.

  5. haha...珊姑娘,真的很多哦?:p paiseh
    OK..是咯rm5... 我打算買在花店買真的花瓣,好像是可以幾塊錢醬買的。買了dinner時候用。;-)

  6. creative bee, hehe...cos this is shopping trip. we din visit any places besides shopping


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