Sunday, September 12, 2010

Shopping Trip~ Bangkok

Long time didn't update my blog because of nothing to upload and lazy. ^_^
I've been Bangkok with few friends in August. We have a fun shopping at Bangkok for this 5 days 4 nights trip. OK, now i'm going to blog about my trip... Enjoy~~ ^_^
Inside the plane

Finally, reached at Bangkok airport

Our baggage
Night scene at Bangkok
Our guesthouse~ SUK 11
check in
Clean & big room with air-cond & hot shower bathroom
Entrance of our guesthouse
1st day dinner at roadside
Shop at Suam Long night marker
A lot of colorful teapot & mug. I bought 1 set of teapot. ;-)
The 2nd day @t Bangkok~ Chatucak Market, shop from morning till noon.
Map of Chatucak (Unbelievable, the market is so huge!! Lot of stalls inside this market)
Cute toy for gardening
Ceramics area
Ceramics area

A lot of different shape of birdcage, too bad i unable to bring back
Miniature area
Miniature area
Miniature area~ Pure glass
Lunch time~~ we took our lunch at Chatucak market, lot of food stall you can found there.
Enjoy our lunch~ Foods is not bad
We continue our shopping at Chatucak after lunch till evening. We heading to MBK after shop at Chatucak and took dinner at MBK. That's all for the 2nd day.
For the 3rd day morning, we went to "四面佛"for praying. We went to Chatucak again after visit "四面佛". Chatucak market is too big and we unable to visit all stalls in 1 day so we decided to continue our shopping again on the 3rd day. ;-) I didn't take much photos during the shopping in 3rd day. I'm lazy to take out my big camera to shoot around because of that place is too pack.
Take group pictures before we went out at 3rd day.

at temple
We took dinner at the restaurant in our guesthouse. We are not satisfied with the foods. Taste of foods is not so good and expensive.
The place we shop at the 4th day is Platinum shopping mall and China Town. Some of us are crazy to buy fabric at China Town. Variety of fabric you can get there and the price is quite cheap also.
Nice fabrics
Heading to airport in the 5th day. I wish i can go again, not satisfied with the shopping. :p
Say bye to Bangkok
Click here for more photos ^_^


  1. Looks like a fun trip in deed. :"D must has spend a lot on shopping right? (since there are so many art crafts there). Love the shoot on the bird cage. :)

  2. CH, emm...spend around rm1K for this trip. but still feel not satisfied. hehe...i din bought craft stuffs, bought some snacks,clothing,sandal n accessories. :p

  3. So nice, I love to shop at BKK too!! Any souvenir for me ar? :P

  4. uLi, now baru ask me. Too late la. kekeke :p

  5. yooo siok....if i at there, sure shop a lot =p

  6. wish to shop alot but dont want spend too much, so have to control. :p

  7. nice nice shopping trip at bangkok...sure u bought many stuff back...

  8. vialentino, i din bought many stuffs..sikit sikit only la..hehe
    i will post it for next post. ;-)

  9. Bangkok.. now safe already? like the spacious room and the shopping pics!

  10. Can I ask, where can i get a cute teapot? I am planning a holiday to bangkok :)

    1. Hi hello bleu, the colorful teapot we saw is at Suam Long night market. We go there by taxi.

  11. Hi, May I know where is the fabric place in Bangkok? Im interested to go.


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