Monday, September 13, 2010

Mission 1, 2, 3 & 4

Do you know what is my mission 1, 2, 3 & 4? :p Don't you still remember that I've blog about preparation for mission 1 in May? Click here if you are forgot! ;-)
Actually 4 missions are the same thing but at the different places and with different peoples. The mission i mentioned here is......... My Pre- wedding shooting. ^_^ Yay... You are right, I'm going to marry with Mr Hyppo in this OCT.
My first & second pre-wedding shooting in May, the 3rd shooting in June and the 4th one in July. Total have 8 photographers for my pre-wedding shooting. (Wow.. sure you will ask: why got so many shooting???) hehe... 1 is paid one and another 3 session is FOC. Ya, it is free of charges. My friends help me to shoot, so no need to pay them but treat them lunch or dinner during the shooting day. ;-)
I didn't attached to any bridal shop, so a lot of things have to complete by own. Things that i 've done by own:
  1. bought wedding gown, dinner dress, wedding shoes
  2. design invitation card
  3. edit pre-wedding photos
  4. design wedding album
  5. create pictures montage/ slide show
There have too many things need me to complete in a short time. It's really take time to do all these. :S It left only 40 days for my wedding actual day!!! I've just completed my invitation card, edit some pre-wedding photos... but not yet design my wedding album. :S I will try my best to complete it by end of this month or early of OCT. (Pray hard for me... ^.^)

To be continue....
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  1. thanks ;-) waiting for ur wedding too. :p

  2. congratulation!!!!~
    waiting for your wedding pic ^^

  3. min-aris, thanks! Will share few pictures 1st at incoming post. ;-)

  4. I think everything will work out! ;) Congratz and my best wishes to you. :)

  5. 先恭喜你!什么时候把照片po上来让大家共赏啊?

  6. hehe...soon!!! :p but only will upload few. ;-)

  7. omigawd!! sound so exxciting!! heehee..

    maybe this will help you with the flowers, you know those that you throw to your bridesmaids? I love that moment in weddings the most!

    check the simple DIY Bouquet, purple roses cool!

  8. Wishing you luck and joy on the process on your wedding~~ looking forward to see more of your wedding pictures~~ I'm taking mine this coming october

  9. Vialentino, Thanks!

    Nicolette, thanks for the link but i think i wont DIY the bouquet by own cos i'm will go back to hometown maybe 2 days before my wedding, so it is hard to get the flower there. :S So no choice, i've order from florist shop. It will more expensive.

  10. Ciyou, thanks! ;-) I will post it once i complete my album. :p


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