Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hari Raya Gathering & Birthday Celebration

犹记得去年的生日在Pulau Langkawi,和几位好友渡过。今年,朋友们也在聚会时,给我带来了我不认为是惊喜的惊喜(因为事前被我拆穿了):p
Hari Raya, 在朋友的家聚会。相信大家都喜欢在这朋友家相聚,因为我需要自己动手准备食物,只需坐着聊天,享受... 等食物好了,就坐在一起用餐。大家酱享受是因为这位朋友的家里有佣人。;-) 所以那一天的晚餐,全由佣人准备。她准备的食物还好好吃哦!都是我们未曾吃过的味道。;-)
My friends celebrated my birthday during our gathering on Hari Raya at my friend's house. ;-) We are feel relax at her house because of no need to prepare foods by own and only sit & chit-chating while waiting for our dinner. :p Her housemaid prepared dinner for us. Foods are tasty and most of the food we are never tried before.

Yeah! We are so hungry after waiting the dinner for few hours

Fabulous Foods~ prepared by my friend's housemaid and my friend only prepare 1 dish: 卤鸡脚

Girls gang~ Stay pretty & young :p
Group Photos

After dinner, my friends give me a surprise while we are enjoy our red wine. ;-)

My Birthday Celebration
Yeah! Cheese Cake

Girls gang

hehe...Girls gang again

Mr Hippo & me

Miss Janette

Shiau Yen

Yvonne (SNA ^_^) & me

Yummy yummy cheese cake, i like it so much!!!

Thanks for all my lovely friends. I'm so enjoy this gathering and hope we can always have such activity. ^_^

Hey Friends, stay young, health and happy forever!!!

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  1. Looks like it is just another great birthday celebration for you. I bet everybody is enjoying themselves...;) Happy Birthday!

  2. CH, yaya...they are really enjoy! :p So great that got this gang of friends. :p always can 38 together. haha


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