Saturday, August 13, 2011

漫遊巴厘島 BALI- Tanah Lot

我还蛮喜欢Tanah Lot。优美的景色再加上当天的好天气,真的是很好的拍摄地点尤其是人像照。;-)
I like Tanah Lot... We are so lucky because got a nice weather when we visit Tanah Lot. Nice blue blue sky for photoshooting especially portrait shooting. ;-)

票价Entrance Ticket: Rp 10,000 还以为这种大自然的地方不需要票价,原来每一个地方都需要入门票。

*History Tanah Lot*
In the days of the East Javanese Kingdom of Majapahit, there was a famous saint called Dang Hyang Dwi Jendra. He was highly respected by all for his services to the Kingdom and its people in matter their prosperity, spiritual well-being and overcoming the problems of life. He was known for his dedication ”Darma Yatra” or the spreading of Hindu religion. In Lombok they called him the “Tuan Semeru” or the master from Semeru, a mountain in East Java.  During his mission in Bali in the 15th century, the ruler in Bali Raja Dalem Waturenggong welcomed him and treated him with high respect. 

Entrance 大门的雕像





终于到达了tanah lot海边


 View of tanah lot

Pura Batu Balong, another temple found in the area

Dramatic Tanah Lot temple.



View at Tanah Lot

 Sand & Stone

Nice view

 Seling Kites


We took lot of portrait photo because of the nice weather ;-)

Portrait Hippo

 My portrait, i love the blue blue sky soooo much!! How about you? :p
I love Tanah Lot! A nice place ;-)

Please wait for my next post! Going to sleep, stop for today.

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