Thursday, June 26, 2008

2007之旅(三)--》 Krabi, Thailand ~ Part C

RAILEY BAY~ 世外桃源的島嶼

Railay Beach is a luxurious tropical paradise. Isolated from the mainland, the peninsula of Railay is surrounded by the warm Andaman Sea, lush jungle, and twisted rock. It divides to Railay East and Railay West. You can walk from 1 place to another place. It will never get uncomfortable crowded in Railay as there are limited amount of hotel room available. Accommodation and food here is quite expensive. There have new hotel in progress when the time I been there.”

喜歡上這里的寧靜、給人種舒適的感覺。太棒了!可算是度蜜月的好地方。沒有汽車的車笛聲,小販的叫賣聲,旅客的吵鬧聲... 寧靜的夜晚,靜靜的躺在沙灘上,觀賞布滿天空的星星,多得數不清,一閃一閃地向你眨眼。好想慵懶的呆在那,遠離城市的繁忙生活...

那里較著名的活動是攀巖。很多旅客會在這拿課程或付錢攀巖(Rock Climbing),可是我沒這膽量,所以只有看的份。此外,也提供了Sea Kayaking。這里的消費還蠻高的,大多數是漂亮的旅館,昂貴的餐廳。可是氣氛確是很棒!

搭上Longtail Boat,到Railey Bay去(Longtail Boat是唯一通往 Railey Bay的交通工具)
(* from Wikipedia:The long-tail boat is a type of watercraft native to Southeast Asia, which uses a common automotive engine as a readily available and maintainable powerplant. A craft designed to carry passengers on a river may include a lightweight long canoe hull, up to 30 meters, and a canopy.)

傍晚時分的Railey Bay顯得格外平靜



早晨的Railey East

Rock Climbing

我們的住宿~ yaya resort(最便宜的一間)



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