Friday, June 13, 2008

Firefox 3.0 将于本月 17 日正式发布 (Firefox 3 Beta 3 released; Patches Memory Leaks, Adds Security)

"Mozilla 在前天发布了 Firefox 3.0 RC3 之后,于昨天正式确认,Firefox 3.0 正式版将于本月 17 日发布。RC3 将是最后一个测试版,全新的 Firefox 带着更美观的界面、更好的性能,将正式与广大用户见面。同时,大家也在猜测另一件事情,Firefox 3.0 发布当天,下载量能否再度创造一个奇迹。"

"Mozilla has released the Firefox 3 Beta 3. And just like the beta versions of Firefox 2, the latest release is only planned for developers and testers, and not for the general public use. Around 1,300 improvements have been made to the Firefox 3 Beta 3 version, which include better security, bug fixes, performance enhancements, and user interface advancements.

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