Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mount Bromo & Penanjakan

145 km south of Surabaya
One of the most actively promoted attractions in East Java today is the excursion to Mount Bromo, situated in Tengger. It is a vast mountain, an eruption of massive proportions blew off its top leaving a huge caldera in which two peaks are located. One is the active volcano of Bromo and the other is the non-active of Mount Batok. More details...

How to reach Mount Bromo
Surabaya - Probolinggo [90 km] :by bus/ train
Probolinggo - Ngadisari [25 km] :by minibus
Ngadisari - Cemorolawang - Mt. Bromo Crater [3 km] :on foot, on horse back, or by jeep-horse
Surabaya - Pasuruan [60 km] :by bus
Pasuruan - Tosari [41 km] :by minibus
Tosari - Wonokitri/ Penanjakan [3 km] :by minibus, it would be better
:by car with 4 wheels drive
Wonokitri - Mt. Bromo Crater [11 km] :on foot
Surabaya - Pasuruan [60 km] :by bus
Pasuruan - Purwodadi [29 Km] :by minibus
Purwodadi - Nongkojajar [18 km] :by minibus
Nongkojajar - Mt. Bromo Crater [21 km] :by minibus

View from Mount Penanjakan

Nice scene from Mount Penanjakan

On the way go down from Mount Penanjakan

Gunung Badok

Mount Bromo

Lovely village in Mount Bromo area

Nice view



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