Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day with La Sardina- Part 2

This is my 3rd post about La Sardina. I'm here to share some experiences of testing the camera in last whole week.

#1 I got the battery which cost RM16.90 for the flash light on the second day i got the camera. Finally i can play with the flash light.

For the 2nd & 3rd day of using La Sardina, I always forgot to open the lens cap when snap a picture. Till i completed few shots, i just noticed this situation. OMG...waste few shots in 1st & second film. Another things is i also forgot to change the shooting mode to closed up when i want to do some close up shoot. Keep forgot this and that...OPSSSSSS
 #2 Always forgot take off the lens cap :S

#3 Can play with filter

  #4 Try to use the filter on my DSLP camera... ;-) This shot is using the red color filter.

I've finished 2 rolls of film till yesterday. The 3rd roll is in the progress now! Hooray!!! Will send the film for proceesing by tommorrow, cant wait to see the result!!

HAPPY LOMO-ing~~~~

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