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Are you feel curious when saw my post title here? ^^ Actually what I want to share with you is 1 type of bacteria called "HELICOBACTER PYLORI". Sure you will feel curious too why I'm going to share this kind of topic... It is because I took my blood test report on last Sun and doctor told me that I got this bacteria in my stomach. Feeling nervous when she told me that this kind of bacteria can caused cancer.

 My blood test report

CANCER???!! OMG!! "I SHOULD DO THE BLOOD TEST EARLIER!!!" shouted in my heart... 

"HELICOBACTER PYLORI" also known as H. pylori, is a bacterium that is commonly found in the stomach. It is present in approximately one-half of the world's population.The vast majority of people infected with H. pylori infection have no symptoms and will never develop problems. However, H. pylori is capable of causing a number of digestive problems, including ulcers, and, much less commonly, stomach cancer. It is not clear why some people with H. pylori get these conditions and others do not. (if wish to know more, please visit HERE)

Some-more, I'm found that I got few of symptoms as mentioned in the website when my stomach not feeling well. I got this problem for few years already but I never do any checking. :S

H.plori Symptoms (info taken from here)
Most individuals with chronic gastritis or duodenitis have no symptoms. However, some people develop more serious problems, including stomach or duodenal ulcers.
Ulcers can cause a variety of symptoms or no symptoms at all, with the most common ulcer symptoms including:
  1. Pain or discomfort (usually in the upper abdomen)
  2. Bloating
  3. Feeling full after eating a small amount of food
  4. Lack of appetite
  5. Nausea or vomiting
  6. Dark or tar-coloured stools
  7. Ulcers that bleed can cause a low blood count and fatigue. (See"Patient information: Peptic ulcer disease".)
I have the symptom no 1, 3, 4 & 5 every time my stomach feel discomfort. The feeling is super bad and it is killing me sometimes.
Doctor gave me 3 medicines for the treatment. 2 antibiotics and 1 OMETAC Capsules and I need to finish it within 1 week. Hope the bacteria can be healed soon...


  1. This bacteria is quite common among the population, no worry. I have encountered many similar cases among the patients. Some people who are infected by H.pylori IgG may have the symptoms, but some may not.
    For more accuracy (or to detect if the bacteria are killed), suggest to take the Urea Breath Test 8 weeks after finishing your medicine.

    ~ Calvin

  2. Calvin, thanks for the info. Ok, I will got for second test after finishing my medicine. That doctor didn't give me any advise regarding this. She asked me to take the medicine only.

    Appreciate for leaving the comment here. ;-)

  3. Recently, my stomach also feel the same way. Maybe i should see a doc for consultation. Thanks 4 sharing.

  4. Hi Agnes, it's not advisable to repeat the test using blood, sometimes it will show false positive result (even though the bacteria have been erected coz the test is only detected the antibody IgG of H/Pylori - meaning if once has ever exposured to this bacteria).
    Go straight for UBT test (though it's rather expensive than blood test >RM150). Remember to fast "6" hours and no smoking prior testing. You may get advise from your dr for further info.
    Hope this short note can help you. Thanks.

    ~ Calvin

  5. Calvin, thanks! help me a lot! My doctor didn't tell me all this.:S I will visit another clinic after finishing my medicine. ;-)


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