Thursday, October 13, 2011

Two Brand New~La Sardina

Wow~~ The color is amazing & cool!!!
Two Brand News Metal Edition La Sardina Cameras
BelugaCzar是兩台全新的金屬版 La Sardina相機,是特別為 Lomographic 鑑賞家、喜愛體驗更優質攝影的人而設-它們定必能為你充滿趣味而精密的 La Sardina 探險歷程提供更多靈感,快來看看有關它們的更多!
The caviar of La Sardina cameras, Beluga and Czar are two brand new metal editions perfect for Lomographic connoisseurs and those who like to experience the finer things in photography – They are sure to inspire you on your succulent and sophisticated La Sardina adventures, check out their features below!


Stunning gold-tone designs and metallic body
Mouth-watering wide-angle lens
重曝 MX 鈕讓重曝變得前所未有地輕易
Rewind dial and MX Switch for easy multiple exposure shots
美味 而 強力Fritz the Blitz
Deliciously powerful Fritz the Blitz flash
以精美 La Sardina 木盒包裝
Packaged in a beautiful wooden La Sardina box
‘The Caviar Diaries’特別版書籍-記載了Lomographer wil6ka 跟他的 La Sardina 一起於歐洲和內海找尋魚子醬的起源的整個歷險旅程。
Includes a special-edition book entitled ‘The Caviar Diaries’ - This book chronicles the adventures of Lomographer wil6ka as he searches for the origins of caviar through Europe and the Caspian Sea with his La Sardina camera.
Here to Bring You a Luxurious Lomographic Experience!
La Sardina Beluga - Buy La Sardina Czar - Buy
我們還備有四台超棒的 La Sardina 相機 以供選擇,你更可另外選配超強的 Fritz the Blitz 閃光燈 -來嚐嚐 La Sardina 的甜頭吧!
There are also four plastic fantastic La Sardina editions available and you can buy the ultra-powerful Fritz the Blitz Flash separately – Check them out and treat yourself to a La Sardina treat today!
La Sardina El Capitan with Fritz the Blitzh Flash La Sardina Fischers Fritze with Fritz the Blitzh Flash
La Sardina Marathon La Sardina Sea Pride
Fritz the Blitz Flash Fritz the Blitz Adapter Kit
把配有 Fritz the Blitz 閃光燈的 La Sardina El CapitanFischers Fritze 隨意配搭其他附有熱靴及腳架旋孔的相機使用吧,你所需的不過是 Fritz the Blitz Adapter Kit
Got a La Sardina El Capitan or Fischers Fritze with Fritz the Blitz Flash? Attach it to another camera with hot-shoe attachment and tripod thread using the Fritz the Blitz Adapter Kit!

La Sardina Microsite
Discover an Online Analogue Paradise!
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