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+The Lomography Slot Machine +

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Lomography Slot Machine
Hit the analogue jackpot and win discount coupons!

幸運之神正在眷顧你嗎?那麼,各位先生女仕,請馬上前往Lomography Slot Machine測試一下你的運氣!不用擲骰子、洗牌或是轉動輪盤-只要進入Lomography的網頁,取得致勝組合並贏得折扣優惠劵,可於Lomography網上商店 中做折扣使用!規則很簡單:
Feeling lucky? Well then ladies and gentlemen, step right up and try your luck at the Lomography Slot Machine! No need to roll the dice, shuffle the cards or spin the wheel – Just tune in to the Lomography website, spot a winning combo and earn discount coupons to spend in the Lomography Online Shop! The rules are simple:
1. 瀏覽Lomography網頁 ,你可在那裡找到可愛的Lomography老虎機。

Head to the Lomography Website Homepage where you’ll find the lovely Lomography slot machine.

2. 只要你瀏覽本網頁,老虎機便會自行啟動!請緊盯著畫面,並祈求3個相同圖案同時出現-它可能是3張Diana F+的照片、或是3張La Sardina的照片又或是其他任何Lomography產品的照片。此外還有一籮筐的優惠劵在等著你帶走,你可無限次嘗試,以贏取你心儀的獎賞!

Once you’re on the page, the slot machine will automatically turn on! Keep your eyes peeled for a 3-of-a kind combination – It could be 3 images of a Diana F+, a La Sardina or any other Lomography item. There are a whole bunch of different coupons that you can get, so you can try as many times as you want to win what you wish for!


If you’re lucky enough to get a winning combo, you’ll be shown a coupon that entitles you to a delicious discount on the camera group your image corresponds to. Just head to the Lomography Online Shop and enter your winning code in the ‘Discount Codes’ section at the checkout to save!

到Lomography Slot Machine一試你的運氣!
Play The Lomography Slot Machine
Slot Machine
3X Cherry 20% OFF
3X La Sardina 10% OFF
all Sardina Cameras
3X 7 7% OFF
your order
3X BAR 15% OFF
your order
3X Diana 20% OFF
all Diana Cameras
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  1. 最近都死命在LOMO那玩老虎機……

  2. Jonathan, 我中了1次,過後就沒完了。想說再玩玩看...可是拿到voucher code,又沒買...hahaha

  3. 我也有拉到La Sardina和Diana的,還在想出糧要不要去消費……

  4. Jonathan, 我應該不會買,我參加La Blography Contest, 如果贏到的話,有免費的La Sardina可拿。:p 我現在也有free shipping 的voucher...之前有20piggies..可是expired了。:S


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