Saturday, October 15, 2011

The LoBlography~ 1st & 2nd film

I've completed 2 rolls of film and i just got back the CD on this morning. I'm so excited and nervous as well while opening the CD. XD
收到寄回来的底片&照片时兴奋又紧张!!可是之前冲洗的店员就有说,有些曝光了,所以扫描不到 :S

Since this is the 1st time using the La Sardina with the flash light, so the outcome is not satisfied!! Still got a lot to improve. Wish the 3rd roll of film will be better!!!

Lunch Time at Wondermilk (ops..too bad, i forgot to change the mode to close up, so picture looks blur.)

Wondermilk, Publika Dutamas (with soft flash light)

Shot inside the car 

 Shot inside the car 

Shot inside the car 

Tune Hotel, KL

Double exposure

KL Tower, shot inside the car

Playground nearby my house

 Chan Saw Lin Lrt Station

Chan Saw Lin Lrt Station

At lrt station

Below are some shots of my sweet sweet home.
 Wall decor in my craft room

 Magnets on the fridge

Pre-wedding photo in my bedroom
My bedroom

I went to KLPF 2011 at Midvalley with my friend, here are some shots of KLPF
Me & Caline on the way to KLPF

Photo Crafts 

Lomo wall by photo cratf 

Awesome camera, La Sardina 

Films by The Click Shop

 Photo Exhibition at KLPF

Hope you enjoy my picture. Really hope that the 3rd film will be better.

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  1. your's quite good what!different kind of feeling x) how you get the dreamy effect 1? =O

  2. kuromeowiie, which photos you meant here? dreamy effect? is it the 1st 2 photos? tat one is because i forgot to change the mode to closed mode, so it look blurrrrrr. hahahaa


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