Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The LoBlography~ Start with La Sardina

A big parcel on my table when i step in to office this morning. It is from Hong Kong and i'm quite curious about the parcel...Cant wait to open it!!

OMG!!! It is La Sardina, a new set of La Sardina. It's unbelievable!!! I'm so excited at that moment and cant wait to test it asap!!! 
My colleague speak out "Wow, It's so cute" when she saw me bring this gadget out for lunch.

Here is it~~~
 Packages: 1 set of La Sardina (Fischers Fritze) with flash light (Fritz the Blitz Flash), 1 box (3 rolls)of Lomo film, 1 pack of shutter buttons and 1 print material.

Lomo film (3 rolls per box) I wish to finish this 3 rolls of film asap.

It's a brand new camera, yahoooo~~~

 Awesome outlook!!!

 Can't wait to open it!!!

The lens cap

Cool flash light!! Yay...i can take picture anywhere and anytime with the flash light!

It is soooo cute!! Can't wait to use it for shooting!!

For those want to know why i got the free camera, you can read my previous POST. ;-)

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