Monday, October 31, 2011

Day with La Sardina~ Pipit Wonderful Market 7

This is the second time of PIPIT MARKET in 2011. I bring along La Sardina and wish to burn the 4th roll of film asap. ^^ I wish to snap as many as picture I can before I send it back to organizer. I will miss it soon!!! :S

Everybody will look at me every time I hold La Sardina in my hand. Some of them will whisper to each others and some times I saw someone pointed on me and tell their friend: “She is using lomo camera!!” Haha~~ I’m not familiar with their reaction when 1st time I’m using La Sardina, but after few times, I’m used to it and feel happy when somebody look at me with La Sardina! (I know they are look at La Sardina, not me but feel happy still) :p

The 4th roll of film is going to be develop soon~~ Here to show you few picture of La Sardina in Pipit Market.

 La Sardina still look stunning in lady group :p (picture taken from hoyoyi)

me & cool la sardina

Can you spot where is my La Sardina?? XD

Last but not least, a photo taken by my friend who visited me at PIPIT ;-) Thanks Mr Justin Chan

Mr Justin & me

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